Hof culture center in Akureyri

Arctic Energy Forum 2024 will be held in the conference center HOF in the town of Akureyri, in northern Iceland, as a two and a 1/2 day conference on 14-16 October 2024.

An educational and scenic transfer is offered for participants to Reykjavik on October 16th afternoon, prior to the start of the Arctic Circle Assembly.

A pre-conference education and policy tour is offered on Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13.

The AEF is held by the Arctic Energy Foundation (registered Non for Profit organization in Iceland) in collaboration with local organizers Arctic Portal and Alaska Center for Energy and Power, supported by and in collaboration with relevant leading Icelandic, USA and international partners.


Arctic Energy Forum 2024

The AEF 2024 will review facts and discuss examples of best practices and solutions in energy and Green transitions through consulting and presentations for responsible energy solutions for Sustainable Nordic, Arctic, and Global Development.

Emphasis will be on responsible energy use and utilization, not least renewable and green transition opportunities and solutions in smaller communities.



The Arctic and the North is an area of opportunities and threats, with great resources and business prospects in a fragile environment, home to diverse Arctic and Nordic people and peoples.

The Nordic countries have managed to develop strong economies and societies based on good policy, practices, cooperation, knowledge, and innovation in responsible Energy utilization, Green transitions, management, and innovative solutions. The USA and Canada are developing similar strategies and technologies in their large, diverse, and complex societies.